What technological device could you not live without?

The question being defined as something that you cannot live without makes it very specific. I could live without a cell phone, I could live without a computer; I would be resigned to writing in a journal everyday and I would miss the quick gratification of my reader's responses but I would be able to cope. Television would be really really hard, I love entertainment but I love books so I would be able to cope here as well. Indoor plumbing is something that I am designating as technology and that is something that I cannot live without. I absolutely despise outhouses, portapotties and anything that hasn't plumbing. I think that after a while I would become ill because I wouldn't able to go without a bathroom for very long. I am not made for pioneering simply for that reason. That is probably why camping and I don't mix, indoor plumbing doesn't exist in nature so while everyone is sleeping in the tents, I'll be snug in the nearest motel with my indoor plumbing.

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