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I laugh at myself, fairly often I must say and I will tell you why. As I was walking Jack for the third time this afternoon; I was thinking about what to write for today’s post. My mind was going down the list of things that I had done and read about today and I was wondering how to spice up the typical day that I go through. And then it hit me; I actually did something out of the ordinary today, perfect topic to write about. The reason why I laughed at myself is because until I started rattling down the day’s timeline, I had forgotten that I had broken out the sewing box.

This morning, before the baby girl left to go back to college to start her second semester she asked me if I could sew and repair this odd rip in her favorite fitted sheet that makes up her coordinating sheet set. I said sure, why not. We said our good bye’s, hugged and kissed and she went with the baby boy, her chauffeur, off back to school.

I never learned how to sew; my mother learned at school but at my schools there weren’t any home economic courses provided at all; just reading, writing and arithmetic. Looking back I think that a cooking class, a sewing class, a home accounting class and a basic tools course would do a service to both adolescent girls and boys.

Back to the repair of the fitted sheet; the tear was an L shape and it wasn’t near any seam, so I had to piece it together with needle and thread. Funny enough, once I start sewing; I say once I got started because threading the needle is probably my biggest challenge, between the squinting and the shaking; it was a miracle that I actually got it done. As I was saying, once I start sewing, I don’t mind it too much. I tried to make the stitches as small as possible but with the challenge of joining the torn pieces, the stitches didn’t come out as pretty as they might have been. Honestly I looked like I had challenged Doctor Frankenstein in the stitching department or perhaps it was more Igor, you decide when you look at the photos.

The important thing is that I finished it. I will have to remember to wash the sheet in the delicate cycle because I don’t know if the stitches will hold up to much rough and tumble action. I even double stitched the tear but I am still not confident on the strength of my stitching.

So you see, not every one of my days is typical or dull, I have excitement here in the hills of Blandford.