What is one question you hate to be asked?

I hate when people ask me what I do. I am always prone to answer, nothing. My answer isn't really true, but it is in the way most people mean when they ask that question "what is it that you do". What do you do during the week that entitles you to a paycheck and therefore my answer is nothing. I don't get paid by an outside employer, I firmly believe that being a stay at home person is something that is met with a certain amount of preconceived notions and those notions aren't positive.

I see it because unfortunately, economically times have changed to such an extent that a family for the most part can no longer survive on one paycheck and therefore there isn't a real choice for the other person to stay at home with the children. Moreover, many women have had the chance to build a career before having children and that is a difficult choice to take time away from a career that you love and spent time and energy nurturing, to have children and find that same amount of time, you have the capacity for infinite love and passion but no one has infinite time and something has to give and it isn't fair.

I have at last found something beyond the children that has ignited my passion and interests, writing and I am so very lucky that my hubby supports me in my endeavor to make something out of my passion for writing. I am also so very lucky to have had the opportunity to be there for my children during their childhood so that I could be here for them after school and for all of the school activities and after school activities. I know that I have been and I still am so very blessed. I just hate the looks of dismissal that I get at times when I say that I am a stay at home person who writes on the internet and no I don't have anything published but I am working on it. Those looks seem to reduce everything to monetary value where I have found writing to be of such emotional and mental value that far outweighs any monetary compensation I could receive.

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