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As like so many people, I have had my share of nicknames in my life. Nicknames have been given to me by so many different people; family, friends and some who were not so friendly, but nevertheless there were nicknames ever since I can remember. My father used to call me petit Pousee; petit Pousee was the name of the little boy who saved his brothers from being eaten by the terrible ogre in a fairy tale, he was small but very smart and resourceful, I loved that nickname, not only because my father gave it to me out of affection but also because of what it represented. My mother had one for me, she didn’t use it often but when she did, it meant that she was feeling very warm and affectionate and her’s was grenouille or frog. I don’t know why, I never asked. My grandfather called me fille, fille and so did my uncle, that was basically their version of my girl and for me it was very special because they made it feel special.

Over on this side of the pond, in school I had quite a few nicknames, none of them affectionate. I was called “ready for high school Laurie” in grammar school, “encyclopedia Laurie”, Jones Bones, Frenchie and some others that all had to do with the fact that I didn’t develop on the same schedule as the other girls; how dare I lag behind everyone else.

Once I got married my hubby gave me many sweet and loving nicknames such as baby, my beauty, in the spirit of my family; once we became parents we started calling each other Maman and Papa because it symbolizes the fact that we are the parents of each other’s children and that is the ultimate symbol of our love for each other. My hubby has come up with a new one recently, trophy wife. This new one came out right after the dinner party that we went to with my hubby’s colleague. Apparently his colleagues told my hubby that I was young and attractive and my hubby took that way further and started calling me his trophy wife; only to me, he isn’t announcing it to everyone thank goodness.

Now ever since we went to see the Hobbit my hubby has taken the trophy wife nickname one step further and changed it to the trophy-hobbit wife. He is alluding to my big feet, I have had big feet for my height ever since I was 11; my big feet at that age gave me hope that I would be tall and then, when I stopped growing at 5 feet 6 inches, my hopes were dashed. Big feet, average height. I know there are worse things and you would be right. I always defend my feet to my husband because they may be big, but they are still aristocratic; long and slender, not hairy and wide like a hobbits. His nickname for me does make me laugh because he will go to to any length to tease me and he has stooped to my feet to do so. My hubby, I am definitely never bored.