Do I believe in ghosts? I really don't know. I am open to the idea. If only because it is comforting at times to think that we do have an extension of existence if our spirit lives on in ghost form. But then that brings to mind some distressing questions such as why would our spirit remain here in ghost form and not go somewhere else a lot more pleasant and are ghosts stuck here and if they are why?

That brings me back to my original doubting Thomas thought which is the only reason why I even entertain the thought of a ghost's existence is because the alternative, as in most religious beliefs, that our spirits can't be destroyed by death that they go up to somewhere else is that the thought of me, my essence, simply being extinguished for all time is too much to bear. How dare the world go on without me and my presence. Isn't that partly why religion is so important? The mere threat of complete oblivion after we die is too much for any of us to handle. The perpetual thought process of our minds gone and nothing afterwards is a concept that is too frightening and too despairing to contemplate for much longer than a few minutes is what I think.

I am going to go now because I don't particularly want to spend my Saturday getting all deep and profound. I might have ice cream later on.

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