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My poor baby girl. I came home from weight class this morning at 11:15 to find my baby girl standing in the kitchen, home from her sleepover at her friend’s house, with her knit hat covering what looked to be dead straw in the place of what should have been her reddish locks of beautiful hair. My baby girl’s face spoke volumes. I don’t know what my face registered. I wasn’t surprised. I had mentioned a few times in the past, that constantly changing your hair can’t be the best thing for it. She now saw that what I had been saying could actually come to pass. I was just sad that she actually had to take the hair experimenting all the way to the point of no return and the necessary trip to the hair salon to fix the damage. My sadness came from the fact, I think, that my words weren’t enough to steer her away from this mistake. I suppose that a parent’s hardest lesson is to accept that oftentimes; experience is a much better teacher than any parental advice.

She asked in a small voice if I would go with her to the hair salon to fix her hair. I asked if she minded if I ate first and then I changed and off we went. The lady was wonderful and four hours later; my baby girl is back to her normal self. This unfortunate experiment cost her her Christmas money and taught her an expensive lesson; hair dyes and bleach can do nasty things to your hair that will cost quite a bit to undo. We still had a nice time together; keeping each other company while she went through each process, I love spending time with my baby girl. Live and learn.