Write a letter to 100 year old self

Dear me,

How are you? How have the last 55 years treated us? I know that I didn't exactly provide us with the best foundation for old age but I tried to repair whatever damage I did over the early years. I hope that it was enough. Is someone reading this to you? Can you still hear? I hope that you still have some ice cream here and there, why wouldn't you? You are 100; have fun, live a little.

How many grandchildren do we have and how many great grandchildren? I hope that they come to visit us once and a while. How are we doing without our hubby? You must miss him so much, does anyone make you laugh these days? Are you waiting to join him? I would imagine that you are. Are you thinking of grammy when she was 100? She was tired and was wanting to die, are you feeling that way? I hope not. I hope that you are still talking about food and making everyone around you hungry for whatever you are describing.You better still be watching t.v, it would be awesome if General Hospital was still on.

I hope that you, that we, are a funny, patient and loveable old lady. Hopefully people like to visit with us and listen to our stories so that we aren't stuck alone in our little world. So hang in there, love you


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