If I could learn how to play a musical instrument, which would I choose?

I am fairly sure that this question is a repeat and I think that I had answered it with the piano. However, I had forgotten that in my little heart of hearts; I had also fantasized about being a really cool bass guitar player such as John Entwistle from The Who. His bass guitar playing was unmistakeable and Pete Townsend knew he had a genius on his hands so when he wrote My Generation he made sure to showcase John Entwistle's abilities.

Another reason why I swooned over John Entwistle and his bass guitar playing was because the man was so cool on stage. He was the very antithesis to the craziness of Pete Townsend and Keith Moon. He played his bass guitar with such calm and serenity, you could only imagine what musical world he was in. I don't think that I can imagine a piano player having the same effect on me as the bass guitar playing that John Entwistle embodied did.

I love the piano and I would love to have the ability to illicit such beautiful sound from the ivories but I can also dream about myself on stage standing with the bass guitar in my hands and strumming while just moving my head in time to that gorgeous beat.

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