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We are finally home and Jack is so happy to be home, he ran out in back and did all of his business and ran around the whole house once or twice and now he is curled up on my lower legs while I type this in the living room, sitting on the couch with a roaring fire that my hubby built for me. I have to say that my hubby was the champion today; he got us home safe and sound during another snowstorm. Can you imagine it? He drove us down during a snowstorm and treacherous roads and today he drove us back home with the roads getting more treacherous as we got closer to home. My hubby, my hero.

We are all tired. My hubby for all of his driving under horrible conditions, the babies, being the young adults that they are, seem to be always tired and I, who gets exhausted quickly just at home by myself taking care of Jack, I am exhausted because since we all descend on my mommy like a tornado and she gets tired easily. I make sure that I do as much as possible so that she doesn’t get tired at all by our stay. My mommy has a very set way of doing things which I am used to and I never mind doing things her way, it brings me back to my childhood and really nice memories. We also get the chance to talk about everything under the sun and I ask questions; all kinds of questions about my mommy’s childhood, what she might have grown up to be if she had made other choices, questions that I can ask as an adult. I treasure our talks together.

Back to the exhaustion, it is stressful to visit someone’s house who doesn’t have dogs and who is very used to having their house just so. My mommy knows Jack from coming up here and visiting with us and she of course thinks that he is extremely cute because he is. It’s another thing to have a dog in your house with nice area rugs and Jack is known for being sneaky when he doesn’t want to go outside. He will hide his business if he doesn’t want to go outside. So part of my mission and I chose to accept, it was to anticipate when little Jack had to go outside. So I was dragging his backside very often outside and speed walking him to Astoria Park because that is the only patch of greenery that met his standards. So in between helping with cooking, setting the table, clearing the table, bringing the dishes up and down the stairs, setting the house back to rights and walking Jack back and forth from my mommy’s house to the park. I’m beat.

I had a very nice time as did my hubby and the babies. Jack I’m not too sure.