I would never want to lose any of my five senses but if I were forced to lose one, which one would it be?

This is a tough one. I wouldn't want to lose my eyesight because it would make my reading and writing life so much more difficult. I realize that I could learn braille but it would be hard so not something that I would look forward to especially since braille could never replace the sight of a sunset or a sunrise.

I love hearing the sounds of the world and listening to people speak. I suppose that cochlear implants would make the point of this exercise useless so this is another sense that I would rather keep.

My sense of smell is vital to my cooking so that is not an option, my sense of touch is also vital to my cooking so there you have it. These two are keepers.

That leaves the last sense, the sense of taste. I would give that one up because I'm sure that you are thinking, hey what about your cooking? I get away without tasting because I have tasters at the ready at my house, the babies. Moreover, I would be less tempted to eat ice cream and other sweet delights because if you can't taste it and revel in its deliciousness, then what is the point of eating it?

I don't know if my choice is logical but there you have it. I know that it is informed by my challenges with food and eating it, so this is another window into my psyche and what propels me through life.

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