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This morning the hubby, my mommy, Jack and I got into the Subaru to go pick up the babies from my sister’s house. Last night right before my sister’s clan left; my niece and nephew both begged my babies to go over their house for a sleep over. Even though there is a fairly large age difference between my two and my sister’s two; my oldest was born in 1991 and my youngest 1994 whereas my niece was born in 2003 and my nephew born in 2007, a solid 40 years between us. They get along really well and I know that my two love how excited my niece and nephew get when they see them.

Afterwards we came back to my mommy’s house and left Jack in my old room with all of his toys, his bed, his special papers and his food. I promise you, when I was packing up for Jack for our trip to my mommy’s, I felt as if I was experiencing deja-vu from the time the babies were toddlers. We took the subway into the city. My mommy’s house by subway is only fifteen minutes away from 59th Street and Lexington Ave. That is the only thing that I miss about living in New York City; the freedom that the subway gives you to go large distances without being dependent on a car. We walked near Radio City Music Hall, we stopped at Rockefeller Center and walked along Madison Ave for a bit and headed East to Third Ave. My mommy left us to go to Citerella, a specialty food store and we were looking for somewhere special to eat. My hubby directed us to Grand Central Station which is a landmark in and of itself and within the terminal if the Oyster Bar & Restaurant. We had a nice late lunch there and afterwards I rushed home to release Jack from my room and give him a proper walk.

While I was walking back to the subway, I realized once again that I don’t really miss the city like my hubby does, I find it too hectic for the most part, but at the holiday’s, it is magical. The lights and the architectural aspects to so many of the light montages really takes the Christmas spectacle to another level. Fifth Ave with the ultra chic boutiques such as Cartier, Tiffany’s Henri Bendel, Harry WInston and leading down to Saks is resplendent during this time of year. The only negative is the hordes of shoppers still overwhelming the streets where you constantly experience pedestrian traffic jams, especially along Fifth Avenue. Aside from that, the city for a nice part revels in the Christmas pageantry and holiday spirit.

Once I got back to my mommy’s, Jack was more than ready for a proper walk. I took him ten blocks down to Astoria park where he gratefully sniffed around piles of leaves and huge swaths of grass. He was a relieved little baby Jack, poor lamb. He has been very well behaved these two days, only one small accident and it wasn’t on a rug, phew! However I am fairly sure that he will be ecstatic when he gets back to his house, his smells and the peace and quiet of Blandford.

I will be happy to be home as well, I love my mommy but now that I have my own home, I am happy to get back there. So Jack and I will be happy to get back to walking paths away from traffic.