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We arrived at my mommy’s house to celebrate Christmas with her, my sister and her family. My niece and nephew are still of the age that Santa is more real than not and the world of toys is still their oyster. We left early this morning because not only were we coming to New York to celebrate but also to see that dear dentist of ours, so that he can finish the work he had started on my hubby and myself back in November. Late last night Massachusetts got hit by a Nor’easter and this morning the roads were fairly treacherous but my hubby is a very good driver and he got us here safe and sound.

Guess who came with us to New York? Jack did and he is all discombobulated. He doesn’t like to go when there isn’t large expanses of greenery to sniff at and sniff some more. I think that there are way too many cars and people for the poor dear. He is happy on my lap and under the dining room table where, while we were eating there was a guaranteed drizzle of morsels and crumbs coming from the table and onto the floor, perfect for a little snout to ferret out to lick up and swallow.

The kids both big and small were spoiled and the grownups were as well. We were equally spoiled by gifts and food. My mommy made a wonderful gratin of sea scallops with a sauce so good that you couldn’t help but eat two more pieces of bread just to sop the sauce up, it was that delicious. My baby boy who apparently doesn’t like scallops wiped his plate cleaned with his second piece of bread. The main course was an eye opener for me. My mommy asked me if I would pick up a pork roast and to try to get the butt, not the shoulder, the actual backside of the pig as a roast cut. I wasn’t aware of it, but what my mommy wanted was a fresh ham that according to some research I did, is the best cut for a spectacular roast pork and after eating the fantastic pork roast I can attest to that fact. I had never purchased a fresh ham before and on the ticket it said “fresh ham, rump part of the leg”. I got it yesterday and last night, I had cut slits into the meat, all over and at least twenty, to insert half cloves of garlic rubbed in salt and pepper and then I rubbed salt and paper all over it and wrapped it in aluminum foil and put it into the refrigerator until this morning when we left. My husband also brought the lobster bisque that he had made last night so that my mommy could taste his latest culinary creation.

My mommy served string beans and roasted potatoes and we ate like kings and queens. It was that good, we went through two large baguettes of French bread; that is when you know that a meal is fantastic, when the bread is almost all gone.

I am tired now so I am bidding everyone a good night and I’ll see you tomorrow.