Who is the person most dear to you. This question doesn't take into account the different types of love and I think that it is always grossly unfair to ask someone if you had to pick between saving your husband or your child, who do you choose. Especially bad if when you are asked if you had to save just one child which one?

When it comes to the love that I have for the person who I decided to spend my life with, there is no other than my hubby. We made a commitment to each other to build something together for the rest of our lives and so far 22 years into our lifetime promise we are still in full construction. He makes me laugh and he takes care of me. I am never, ever bored with him and he loves my cooking. He spoils me to no end and we share the same likes, passions and interests. He is my husband.

My babies are my babies, what more can be said. I love them unconditionally because they are a part of me and have been since the day that I first felt that first butterfly tickle in my belly. How to explain to anyone who has never carried a child, the bond that you feel from that moment on when you know that they are restless because they are kicking you in the ribs or they are having the hiccups or they are flexing their little legs because you an see a little foot straining against your abdomen. How can you explain that prior, before the babies came home from the hospital, you could sleep through anything, and then suddenly you wake up at the slightest noise of your baby breathing differently. The love is so different from a husband's love, mostly because you have a choice, sort of , loving your husband. You don't have a choice with the babies, it is primal.

And then comes the familial love, parental and sibling. This love is also primal and comes from the origins of who you are and you family ties. You can't turn that off as well. This time however the love is from the child's perspective, you as the child. It is different, but just as strong and deep as all the other loves that you experience.

So these loves, in my opinion, have no business being put in a competition framework. The loves are all special and unique. They should all be experienced because it can only make your life that much richer.

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