I have always wanted to learn how to play piano. My heart yearns to make music but my fingers and lack of ability make it a yearning that will never be satisfied. Along the same lines, my heart yearns to be able to race at break neck speed across the meadow on the back of a horse. That is another yearning that will never be fulfilled. I have been on horseback twice, thrown twice and I am too scared to go faster than a walk; moreover I am highly allergic to horses. I know because I used to help take care of my mother-in-law's horse, Nutmeg, when she was alive. She was a good horse and I got up on her but after being thrown in the past, it just made me too aware of the long way down it actually was from on top of a horse's back and how you can do some serious damage once your body connects with the ground.

So those are two skills that I would love to possess in my fantasy realm. My piano playing would answer the call of music in my heart and the call for speed would be taken care of by me racing all along the countryside on the back of a mighty stallion like the one in the books "The Black Stallion".

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