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Merry Christmas everyone! Today was a grand day of just the four of us and Jack. We had no idea that Jack loved Christmas as much as he does, it is only his third one so maybe he was still shy last year or having Rex still around made a difference. But today he played with every single one of his squeaky toys for hours, he was a riot today.

We decided on lobster newburg for our Christmas dinner and so I spent a good part of the day making lobster stock; cooking the lobsters, chopping the vegetables, straining out all the solids and then reducing it but in the middle right after boiling the lobsters and starting the stock. My hubby came to the rescue. I needed my hubby’s strong hands and arms to pick the carcass apart and get the succulent meat out so that I could get the shells into the basic mireproix to get the essence of the lobster into a stock. Not only was my hubby Santa these two days but he was also lobster man.