What is my favorite holiday? I think that I answered this before but I don't remember what I said. If this is a repeat from my addled mind due to experiencing loss of memory at an increasing rate, please forgive me.

It is definitely not my birthday but that isn't a holiday, not yet anyway. What would I have to accomplish in order for my birthday to be deemed special enough to be considered a national holiday. Well first I would have to be dead and that isn't fun. I would also have to be someone considered important. That isn't the case. So it's not my birthday.

We just went through Thanksgiving and this year was an especially nice Thanksgiving. The food was delicious, it was just us and quiet. We got to lay around and do pretty much nothing except for eating and talking. It was very nice.

Tomorrow is Christmas, when the babies were babies it was my favorite holiday because to see their faces on Christmas morning made every effort more than worth it. You can't put a value on the magic of Santa Claus. The belief that a kind old elf loves all the children so much that he believes in spending one night every year visiting each and every one of them just to put a present for them underneath their tree, it's a powerful thing to believe that you have a magic elf who loves you. That helps make it special.

Now they are grown, so Santa has gone away to the place where all fairy tales go when you grow up, away. We are still going to have a nice Christmas together with good food and each other. So I still haven't answered my question which is my favorite holiday? I think that it is Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas. I do love the Christmas movies and the message of Christmas which could be extended to Thanksgiving. They are both holidays with good, solid, hopeful messages. Perhaps I don't have a favorite and I like them all.

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