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I have another confession to make about Christmas. I dread getting Christmas cards from people not on my list. I try to do my Christmas cards early so that I don’t get overwhelmed with all the other things that are going on during the holiday season. This year I went through all the Christmas cards and when I received two Christmas cards from people not on my list, I was out of cards, which meant an extra visit to the store late in the season so the options were limited. The noise I made when I had gotten the mail wasn’t Ho, Ho, Ho, it was argh.

So today I mailed out an extra ten Christmas cards, added the new people to my Christmas mailing list because I know that I had said two but as of today, it had expanded to ten new cards. I was really glad that I had gotten two boxes of Christmas cards just in case. Hopefully, just between you and me, I won’t get any more new cards. I’d like to be done with card sending. I know, I’m being a Scrooge, shhh it’s our secret.