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Before sitting down to write this post, I checked in with the baby girl to ask for permission  to brag about her grades from her very first semester at college. She said “brag away Maman, brag away”. I am so very proud of her and all of her hard work this semester. She did exceptionally well taking initiative on her own when it came to seeking help when she needed it and made sure to take advantage of all the tools and homework services that the college made available for the students. She didn’t get carried away with abrupt and often overwhelming feeling of complete “freedom” from the usual household rules. She behaved very responsibly and showed us a lot of maturity her first semester away from home.

What makes me especially happy is that she is proud of herself and now has concrete proof that there is nothing that she can’t accomplish if she puts her mind to it. She came into my room and announced that she had gotten an A+ in Psychology, an A in Art History, a B in English, an A in College Algaebra and an A in First Year Experience.

As a parent, one always worries about their child no matter what age they are; when your child passes a special threshold and does it with such success, the happiness that you feel over their hard work, their accomplishment and their increasing signs of independence is something that warms your heart and lifts your spirits.