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This is what my world looks like today, an icy, winter wonderland. It has been like this since yesterday, non-stop freezing rain which makes walking a treacherous sport. Jack isn’t very happy with the state of the weather these past two days. I’m not thrilled either but what can you do? We have to go outside to do our business don’t we Jack? When I calmly explain it to him, the look on his face is priceless. I bet that he wishes that he can use indoor plumbing like the rest of us. I’m sure that many dog owners would be fine with that evolutionary tweak, enabling dogs to figure out how to sit on the toilet and flush afterwards. Can you imagine? Gone would be the 6:00 a.m wake up to walk the dog outside in the cold rain, snow or icy winds. No more 9:00 p.m call to walk the dog in the same freezing rain, snow or icy wind. Alas, the evolutionary tweak is only wishful thinking, it could never happen.

Until tomorrow, Jack and I will do our best to not fall in a heap while navigating the icy paths around Blandford. I am going to build a fire in the living room so that we can at least be cozy when we come back in.