The Princess Bride afterwards

Buttercup "Wellsley, where are we going?"

Wellsley " My dear, we are going to go to a far away land where I will make you my wife"

Buttercup "So we will be married and what will we do in this far away land of yours?"

Wellsley "We will live happily ever after my dear, this is true love you know"

Buttercup " but Wellsley is that enough? What if we get bored?"

Wellsley "Buttercup after all this how can you doubt true love or me"

Buttercup "oh Wellsley it just seems so impossible"

Wellsley "my dear I see that I am going to have to prove that there is a place for us in a far away land, aren't I?"

Buttercup "oh Wellsley how can you be sure"

After much riding they arrive to the far away land and its imposing castle

Wellsley dismounts and helps Buttercup down.

Wellsley " Here my dear Buttercup is our new home where we will live happily ever after"

Buttercup "oh Wellsley I will never doubt again"

Throughout the years afterwards, Buttercup repeats herself often with "I will never doubt again" and Wellsley, the ever faithful and true, never ceases to prove himself to her over and over again.

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