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Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.

A mix tape that describes my life. I would imagine that whatever songs that I would include on a mix tape would be significant to my feelings and life experiences. There is a reason why Supertramp’s Breakfast in America is one of my all time favorite albums, the melodies and harmony evoke wonderful memories of my summers in France with my cousins, if you noticed I didn’t include lyrics because I often didn’t capture exactly what was being said, it was the feeling and the mood that captured me.

Pink Floyd and everything by them would be on that tape as well as The Who; the feelings of rebelliousness and angst against authority while also craving it, defines both the bands and their music and myself during my turbulent teenage years.

Moving on to early adulthood and Sade, Simply Red and Tracy Chapman appear. They embodied mellow for me, lyrical beauty and rich jazzy backdrops.  These influences have lasted and now Adele and Duffy have joined the club.

The future I can’t predict but I know that it will be informed by the past.