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A friend of mine threw me for a loop by asking me what I wanted for Christmas. I haven’t been asked that question in a while by someone outside my hubby or my mother. My friend wasn’t asking because they were going to get me something but because they were curious. My mind blanked because I wasn’t prepared for the question. I know that I have spent a few posts writing about food and that is how far I have gotten in terms of wanting something for Christmas, I want a special menu to look forward to and have fun preparing for my family.

In terms of what I want for Christmas and the answer I gave to my friend, off the cuff, was a year of stress free existence. Actually I would wish that for all of my friends and family; a year without any stress, can you imagine that? I think that it would be a beautiful thing.

On a more practical note, I wouldn’t mind a new device that would take pictures that I can put into my posts. I miss adding pictures to my posts. I could show off my new haircut, my various desserts and other dishes and my Christmas tree. So if I won’t get my wish of a year without stress, I can wish for a picture taking thing from Santa.