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The last time that I felt that awful feeling and the prompt describes it pretty well a dull, sick feeling that starts in the pit of your stomach and with me it radiates upwards into a cold sweat up into my head and sometimes it gets worse where my vision and my mind feel as if they are in a tunnel, a dark one, that is getting getting tighter and tighter, until I pass out. It hasn’t happened often in my lifetime, only twice or maybe three times, but it is unpleasant either way.

The last time that I felt that sinking feeling of dread and powerlessness was when the radiologist at my bi-annual mammogram called me in and said that he was recommending a biopsy because the calcifications were on the rise over the course of my past three mammograms. Everything is fine now, hooray! But I remember sitting there agreeing with him and nodding, his lips were moving and he was showing me the images, I was looking but my mind was numb and my stomach was cold and twisted and my lips and the base of my neck were starting the cold sweats. My hubby was in the waiting room and when we were outside, away from others my voice broke while trying to say the word biopsy. My hubby being there stopped the cold sweats from progressing anywhere near the danger zone of passing out and then vomiting. He helped me so much that day and as I said it all worked out. But that feeling is an awful one.

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