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Nowadays I have to be careful where inspiration can hit me because if it's far away from my computer or any sort of writing paper; that sudden flash of inspiration might as well have never happened because with my memory failing me, the flash rapidly transforms into a DUD, no BAM for me.

I often get inspired during my walks throughout the day, I wonder if it's the increased circulation and blood pumping throughout my veins and arteries that inspire such flashes, sadly these flashes sometimes dissipate into the ether as I get closer to home or as soon as I walk into the door. Maybe it's the decrease in blood flow that erases what memory I had of the idea, I don't know. I used to have flashes of creativity in the car while driving but that hasn't happened in a while, nowadays I concentrate on where I'm going and paying attention while I am getting there. There have been too many times that I have arrived to my destination and I couldn't remember how I got there because I was busy thinking of everything other than driving. That is most definitely not a good thing to be doing while you are driving a motorized potential weapon. So I limit my bursts of creative thinking to the safety of my walking routes.

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