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My hubby, the baby girl and I were in the car today and as I was driving, the question of the Christmas menu hit me and so I threw it over to them. The ideas came pretty quickly, nothing has been decided, but I do have various ideas from the very invested food critics that live with me. The baby girl’s first request and I think only request was for palmier cookies; the ones that I made last weekend for the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Since these were such a hit with my hubby and the baby boy; moreover the baby girl missed out because she had stayed at school that weekend, so I decided that at least for the dessert part of the menu, palmier cookies were a go.

The rest of the menu is still up in the air, not only because the baby boy hasn’t weighed in with his requests, but also because so far the requests are all protein; some type of shrimp dish, Lobster Newburgh or Beef Wellington. I am not waiting on my family for vegetable requests, that’s my department, but when I come up with a few selections, I’ll run them by my very interested foodies. So far I am leaning towards something very simple with the vegetable course, since the main courses, so far, are fairly complicated.

I like devoting all this energy and thought to creating an exciting, tasty menu for us to eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.