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This may be a bit Scroogish of me to say, but I have always found writing out the Christmas cards to be a chore, a Christmas chore. I can’t remember if I wrote out Christmas cards before I was married, I don’t think so, since I was still living at home, my mother was still in charge of the card chore. My turn came when I got married, my side and his and the list has grown over the years to include our friends. I wonder if the baby girl will be writing out her Christmas cards or if she’ll have her future mate to do it.

I finished the pile today. I, for some reason, do it in groups, there are three; the Rolodex pile, the French family pile and the Blandford pile. I find splitting it up in three ways makes it seem less long. I went through four boxes of cards and I hope that I haven’t forgotten anyone. I usually figure it out once the cards start to trickle in, so I need to go out and grab a few more boxes of cards because I went through the extra’s from last year. This sounds like a lot, I know, but the boxes each only contained twelve cards so it only comes out to 48, I know that there must be a lot of people who send out many more than that.

Slowly but surely, the Christmas must do list is getting smaller. Hooray!