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At the Christmas Tree lighting this past Sunday, Chuck our Historical Society President, approached my friend, our newest Director, and I and asked us if we had ever done yoga before and without waiting for an answer, he told us that this nice lady was in town and she was looking to give yoga classes for six weeks; three Wednesdays in December and three Wednesdays in January. He went on to say that she was very nice and his wife was going to participate and it would be a shame if they were all alone. Basically my friend and I, by this point, said yes because I think it would have been awkward otherwise.

The good news is that we have both done yoga before; my friend has done power yoga and belly dancing so she is in tremendous shape. I, on the other hand, haven’t done yoga in over two years so I knew that I was going to be rusty but I didn’t care if Chuck wanted to show support to this nice lady I didn’t mind.

The yoga class was nice; she is kind, tiny with a gently voice and led a gentle yoga class. The poses that she had us do, I was familiar with and my muscles were saying “oh yes, I remember vaguely doing this, oh wow, we sure are staying in this pose for a bit” as my muscles were shaking. I’m really glad that I went, it was an hour that I gave to myself, for myself and if anyone has the opportunity to practice yoga, I highly recommend it or at least trying it. It does wonders for you; physically, spiritually and mentally.

I am looking forward to next week’s class.