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My stamp collection because though it may not be large or valuable, it is extremely valuable to me for sentimental reasons because my grandfather gave it to me. Two framed mirrors that my father sculpted, he had a small business when I was a little girl making plates, candlesticks and other things out of pewter and he also sculpted and gilded frames, so I have two of them and they as well hold much sentimental value, my books because they are very much my friends, my wedding rings and every other piece of jewelry that my hubby has bestowed upon my over the years, they are important to me because they remind me of how much my hubby enjoys spoiling me, all of the handmade cards and gifts that my babies have made for me because if ever I need a smile on my face or a lift in the heart; all that I have to do is look on my mantle and there are two handmade gifts, one from the baby girl and the other from the baby boy.

The only things that I truly value, all have an emotional attachment and a story connected to them, otherwise a possession in my opinion is only a thing.

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