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I’m merely stating that for a December 4th it has been rather warm and foggy. I just got back inside after walking Jack up in the park and it was spooky and gloomy at dusk, 4:30 in the afternoon mind you. The air doesn’t smell as it should for the month of December, it has the smell much more reminiscent of the month of April which is off putting. Up at the top of the hill, the Christmas lights are faintly cutting through the fog, and the April like smell of the park doesn’t compute with twinkly lights.

Definitely not complaining though, I enjoy the walks with Jack when we are both not shivering from cold and he isn’t putting up a fuss about the length of the walk. It simply has been a weird bit of yo-yo weather temperatures; three days of 50 degrees followed by three days of 30 degrees, so it gets a little topsy turvy with the winter jackets. So far so good, I haven’t been contaminated with a cold. I know that the outside temperatures have nothing to do with catching a cold, it is a virus after all but I can’t help but think that these differences in temperature can’t be good, because when you’re sweating and then shivering, that has to make you more susceptible to any type of virus lurking about.

So for the next two days it should be in the fifties, then the forties then back down to mid thirties and who knows perhaps the thermostat will creep back again to make it cyclical once more. These days you never know.