Photo Album

Guide,create, and catalog

This is an opportunity for you to guide, create and catalog your photo's into a book that you design through our exciting new website called Photo's Immortalized Forever. All you need to do is upload your photo's onto the website and then pick through our extensive selection of book layouts, designs, book covers, fonts, themes and whatever else you need to truly personalize your photo book. We offer free shipping and gift wrapping for those holiday gifts that you want to give your personal touch to, remember nothing says thoughtful and personal like a photo book, from Photo's Forever Immortalized.

Wow, maybe I can get a job writing copy for catalogs, hee. hee. I used a Williams & Sonoma catalog for this prompt. It was actually funny because it took me about six different tries because I kept on stabbing beautiful pictures of sticky buns, chocolate croissants, gingerbread houses and I got hungry.

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