New York 2009 – New York University

I can't remember anything small that has ever gnawed at me for days such as perceived slights or anything like that. I have regrets about a few things of importance to me and I know that they are important to me because I still regret them. For example, during my last semester at N.Y.U, I received in the mail, special delivery, my Fellowship Award, given to those who will graduate in the top ten percent of their class and the official ceremony was to take place at a lovely old church near N.Y.U on Broadway and 10th Street. I asked my mother to go and she couldn't, my father couldn't either, and I let my disappointment in their non-attendance prevent me from going to my own ceremony. I deeply regret that to this day because I should have honored myself even if it was to be by myself. I had worked very hard during my time at N.Y.U not only scholastically, but also by holding down a full-time job. I should have been mature enough to see that and to realize that I was only going to regret it. Well you live and learn, no matter what if you accomplish something, be proud of yourself and do a happy dance. You deserve it.

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