New York 2009 – New York University

I am trying to think of what I have felt passionately about for over a decade and if I felt so passionately about the same thing for over a decade, why didn't I actually try and do something about it, such as save up money to make a documentary. The fact that I haven't makes writing this a little awkward, but here goes. I have another blog, as some of you may be familiar with, called A Progressive's Thoughts. I basically cross post all of my comments to articles that I read on the Huffington Post to my blog and hence my blog's content.

When I was at college, my major was political science and everything that I had learned twenty five years ago is still relevant today; such as the loss of manufacturing jobs here in the United States, the lack of enforcement of anti-trust laws, the linking together of stock price and C.E.O compensation and the decline of unions. We debated these issues way back when and I, at least, learned that these issues presented a threat to the strength of the middle class and the strength of American dream of opportunity and possibility.

I am still passionate about these issues and I still write about them because, as I said earlier these problems haven't been resolved, they instead have been growing insidiously and are now so large as to be a little overwhelming for a great many Americans. Where do we go from here is a constant theme in all the writings that I read everyday from progressive journalists. So that is what keeps my other blog up and running, my concerns over the direction our country is heading and how are we to navigate the new and different challenges that are facing us in the 21st century.

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