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Yesterday, I bid Thanksgiving a fond farewell until next year when I finished the last of the gratin of spinach. It was nice to be done with the leftovers because you do get bored eating the same thing day after day. On the other hand no more leftovers means more cooking, on the upside I had cauliflower in the refrigerator along with button mushrooms so I was at least prepared to cook something for myself this evening.

While walking Jack, I was going through the things that I wanted to do today such as; hauling more firewood, finish the Christmas tree, clean out the refrigerator and light bulb! cook the cauliflower in such a way as to be good and not boring. So I decided to caramelize two onions and four cloves of garlic and then throw in the sliced mushrooms and chopped up cauliflower florets and I seeped a nice pinch of saffron in hot water and added a little bit of chicken stock and put that in with the vegetables, I increased the heat for a few minutes and then put the flame on low and covered the pan so that everything can meld together as it slowly simmered. I figured that all this would take about ten minutes or so,

I figured that I would go in the living room, catch up on Sons of Anarchy and put the finishing touches on the tree. Why can’t I ever remember that I can’t multi-task? It isn’t a question of learning that I can’t multi-task, I know that I can’t do it. I just can’t remember that I can’t do it. I was lucky because, I think it was when I was about to fast forward through commercials that I realized that I had been doing something in the kitchen, then it hit me and I threw the remote control onto the couch and ran into the kitchen. It was a save, just in the nick of time. The vegetables were seriously caramelized but it was salvageable with some more chicken stock to help loosen any sticky bits.

It was good, the vegetables are for me only anyway so it wasn’t as if I had any pressure or anything. My deficient memory is becoming a theme here, but it does give me material to write about every now and again.