Istanbul – Turkey

My sister and I were backpacking through France, Italy and Greece. We had hooked up with these 3 unbelievably sweet and funny Australian girls, I'll never forget them we hit it off so well; Natalie, Jennifer and Fiona. All five of us were hanging out at the train station in Rome to see the train schedule for the next day and we ran into these 3 guys who knew our Australian girls, they were 3 Canadian musicians; John, Greg and Bill, who were off to Corfu which is where my sister and I were planning to go to the following day. The Canadians and I hit it off immediately so we made plans to find them in the tiny village of Pelakis in Corfu. We did and we had a great time with them for a week exploring Corfu and eating exceptional food at this family held restaurant. At the end of the week John invited my sister and I to go to Istanbul Turkey. We declined, one of the biggest regrets I have. If we had gone, first we would have continued to be serenaded by the three of them, their favorite song to sing to the both of us "The Girl from New York" I know that we would have eaten phenomenal food because John had the nose to sniff out good places. Those three were certainly characters, Bill had the driest wit and Greg just walked through life, all laid back, never realizing how much of an impact he had on the ladies. He was completely consumed by music, constantly making up lyrics at the drop of a hat. If I remember correctly, Istanbul back in the mid eighties was much more secular than it is presently and I am sure that we would have had so much fun visiting the ancient church, the Sophia which is now a mosque, I believe. I know that Istanbul, what used to be Constantinople, was the crosswords of Christianity and Islam so the historical sites are for both cultures, I am not leaving out the cuisine, the pastries I have read everywhere are unbelievably yummy; baklava is the only one I know, but with a tradition cemented in that technique of honey and filo dough and nuts sprinkled in, everything must be just as delicious as the well known Baklava. I have also read of the spiced sauces; not spicy in terms of heat, rather very flavorful with a lot of cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg and onions and garlic as a sampling of the spice palette. After spending a sight-seeing bonanza of a week, it would have been back to Greece to resume our journey back home to Bordeaux, France

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