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  • Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life in some way. Write about that.
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    I have looked through my “newspapers” today and I haven’t found any uninteresting stories per se, I think that if something or some event makes its way into a paper than there is some human interest element to it. I also think that a story, no matter how mundane it may be, can be connected back to yourself. This morning I read about a gas leak explosion in my neck of the woods, Springfield, MA, the gas leak occured in a Gentlemen’s Club and the explosion was so powerful that it blew the windows out of every building in a three block radius around the point of origin. No casualties in the blast thank goodness, albeit there were quite a few injured, taken to local hospitals.

    After my initial shock over the size of the explosion and that no one was killed, I read that the effects were felt many miles away. My first thought was why didn’t we feel anything? I shouldn’t be surprised that I wasn’t aware of any explosion occurring at night, because the last time anything rocked Blandford, an earthquake, I slept right through it. So with this story, I went from be grateful that there weren’t any casualties to why didn’t I feel any tremors from the explosion to I always sleep through events because I am such a heavy sleeper. This is why all stories are interesting,we can always bring the back to ourselves.