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It is traditionally the weekend after Thanksgiving that the Christmas decorations make their way down from the attic. We have 4 very large storage bins,; chock filled with our artificial tree that stands eight feet tall, the lights, the ornaments and the various Christmas knick knacks that I decorate with in the entire house. These precious keepsakes have been accumulated over the course of our marriage, twenty two years worth of ornaments and various Santa’s and snowmen, quite a collection I have to say.

Today I have been operating in slow motion, we all went up to the attic together. Normally I do it alone, but my hubby took it upon himself to get the baby girl’s help, he could see that I was a little run down. I wonder what could have tipped him off? Perhaps the painful ulcer on my bottom corner lip, my cold sore. I am not prone to these outbreaks on a regular basis, they only happen during the cold months and when I am over tired, so imagine my joy when I woke up Friday morning with the throbbing pain of a cold sore. I know that in a short time it will go away on its own, so that isn’t a big deal, I am just dying to pick at it and it is taking all of my discipline to not pick at it. I am a little obsessive/compulsive with scabs, I pick and pick. Funny, as I was taking a break from assembling the tree and walking Jack, I was thinking that I was looking forward to getting a camera so that I can show off my new haircut, but then I was thinking I could wait a few more days so that my sore could heal ( vanity) but enough with my disfigurement.

The tree isn’t done, I put up two strings of light and then sat down, put up two more strings of light and then sat back down, so all the lights are up. I am slowly getting the ornaments up, but I am calling it a day for decorating. I’ll get back to it on Wednesday. Why Wednesday? Tomorrow I am spending all day writing to finish my NaNoWriMo challenge, the game plan is at least 10,000 words. Tuesday will be another day for the writing challenge and then hopefully fini. Wish me luck!