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The infamous day after Thanksgiving. To some Americans, it’s back to work as usual, for others it is still a vacation day, but for so many die hard shoppers, it is Black Friday. The day of the ultimate sales for the upcoming holidays, I have never gone shopping on Black Friday specifically, on purpose, to take advantage of sales. I dislike shopping on a good day so I am definitely not going to go when you are guaranteed mob-like settings and scenario’s.

The baby girl had a doctor’s appointment today, because with her being away at college, these little school breaks are the only opportunity to squeeze in health maintenance, so this had the three of us out of the house. On our way back from the doctor’s, someone asked for a stop into T.J Max. That store I didn’t mind, because they do not abuse their employees as far as I know. On the other hand, I signed a petition supporting the Walmart workers who went on strike today due to poor working conditions, forcing them to take on larger percentage’s of their health care coverage thus making their take home pay even closer to poverty level, all this while the company is reporting sky high profits. Moreover, a large percentage of Walmart employees have to depend on food stamps to make ends meet. We were not going to Walmart today or in the future if we can help it.

I’ll get off my soap box, I am suffering from a Thanksgiving preparing, baking and cooking hangover. I woke up this morning feeling really slow and headachy. I think that it was the adrenaline of being in the kitchen for hours and coordinating everything to the minute and even the day before Thanksgiving was packed full of chores and activity, so I am pooped, but in a good way. I spent time doing something that I love to do, cooking and baking, it makes for a very good tiredness.