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  • Your blog just went viral. Ok, sorry, not yet. But just imagine. What’s the one post you’d like new readers to see and remember you by? Write that post.
  • The Ultimate Post
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    I’ve written a few that I wish had gone viral in a big way; the ones about my trip to France that the baby girl and I took this summer for instance. I really enjoyed writing those posts, describing all of the foods we were eating, the countryside we were traveling through and my incredible family. There were also a few posts that were on a more serious note such as when I had anxiety over getting a biopsy after an unclear mammogram, writing about it helped me expunge the fear and the anxiety. Moreover receiving the good news afterwards of all clear and sharing it via my blog made the good news even more concrete.
    I don’t know if this answered or even satisfied the prompt, but even if none of my posts ever go viral, I still find so much satisfaction and I reap so many benefits writing through my blog and interacting with my readers, that I seriously doubt that I will ever stop.