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  • You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Begin.
  • 300-Word Justification
  • My hubby is a one of a kind. He has the gift of the spoken word; he could sell snow and ice to the Inuit and they would love him for it. I am speaking pre-climate change, they would be especially thankful right now but that would fail to showcase how exceptionally talented my hubby is when it comes to selling anything. He sold me on the idea of marrying him on the first date. He made me laugh, now I know that I laugh easily, but he can really make me laugh, the deep down organic from the belly laugh. Whats more is that he loves doing it so much which makes it even more endearingly special. No one has ever made it their mission to make sure that I laugh every day and taken such pride in the fact that they can make me laugh.
    My hubby also makes it a point of making sure that he takes care of me with my health and my teeth, since he knows how much I dislike the doctors and the dentists. He prides himself on being the boss of me in that regard, otherwise he tells everyone who will listen that I am the boss in every other way and he just follows my direction. He also likes to shower me with presents, especially books too which I can only say hooray and thank you my husband because books are simply the best presents in the world. Books of any kind; cookbooks, historical books, science-fiction, biographies, any kind really, I am not picky.
    We also share the same interests; food, travel, t.v, movies, love of babies and dogs. He is definitely not boring, I am consistently entertained and kept on my toes with my hubby. It has been twenty-two years and it has gone by so incredibly fast, like the whirlwind that so aptly describes my hubby.