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  • You have three hundred words to justify the deletion from time, space and memory a person, place or thing. Failure to convince will result in it being infinitely cloned and paraded on a billboard in front of your home forevermore.
  • Deletion
  • Cell Phone

    I have an invention that needs deleting. I know that my idea will be vastly unpopular but here goes. The cell phone has become a drain on people’s financial resources, a drain on people’s time and a drain on people’s privacy. How often do I take the subway to find myself being forced to listen to someone else’s conversation because I have no where else to go since it is crowded. Moreover, even as I walk down the streets of wherever I am, at stop lights, people’s conversations are in my personal space or at the supermarket waiting in line at the checkout, I get to hear about this one and that one no matter how I try to tune it out, I am left hanging with what happens next? I don’t want to listen to drama if I don’t get the ending as well. Don’t even get me started on the restaurant scene, texting has replaced polite dinner conversation and it is precisely at the dinner table where conversations ought to take place, not the eerie scenes of today where scores of people in restaurants sitting at the same table are focused on their laps instead of each other.
    Cellphones are a danger to physical safety as well; the number of trips to the emrgency room has increased incredibly since the birth of the cell phone, people are trying to multi-task and walking and texting are not to be done in tandem according to most E.R doctors, it is far too dangerous. Let us not forget driving and cell phones, that still needs to be eradicated for all of our sakes. I am surprised that no one has come up with an underwater cell phone so people can speak in the shower. I don’t think that you can scuba dive and speak on a phone at the same time, at least there are still limits to something.
    I find cell phones give automatic permission to everyone to think that what they have on their mind is 100% important all the time and it takes good healthy boundaries away from people’s lives. I never want to be accessible 24/7, I am not that important and I can wait until you are ready.