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Today is day twenty of the NaNoWriMo challenge and I spent most of the day powering through another 10,000 words to get me to 37,000 words, only 13,000 to go in 10 days time. I have to say that having Thanksgiving coincide with NaNoWriMo puts some added stress on the writing challenge.
Tomorrow is a bit booked up, I have my annual dermatologist appointment, make sure everything is copacetic in the skin department. Always very important for everyone in general with the higher incidence of skin cancer and being a skin cancer survivor, it adds a bit more impetus to the annual screening. Before my doctor’s appointment I am going to make the pie crusts for the two pumpkin pies that I am making for Thanksgiving. I am also going to do the food shopping for the feast on Thursday and when I get back from all of my errands after I unload the car and put all the groceries away, I am going to bring in all the firewood from outside into the dryness of the garage. So to or row s going to be a full day without writing. Never mind Thursday and Friday, those two days will be dedicated to family and the weekend is never much of a good time for serious writing either.

I am going to gear up for next week to steam through the last portion of writing to squeak towards the 50,000 word count goal. I am getting close to the ending of my story, I can feel it and so does my heroine, we are feeling a bit of angst right about now, she and I. Our hero is oblivious to our anxiety for now but that will change and soon. Their closeness will amplify with this angst, it should be interesting.