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Part of the reason we chose New York as a destination for our weekend getaway was not only to enjoy one of our favorite city’s in the world, or see our family or enjoy wonderful restaurants but to also see my hubby’s longtime dentist. My hubby found his dentist over a decade ago and over time we have become friends with him. One of my hubby’s crowns had broken and his dentist has everything necessary for the repair and replacement work. Little did I know that my diabolical hubby had plans within plans of including me in his visit.

I dread the dentist, I am blessed with fairly healthy teeth, I almost never have toothaches or any troubles with my teeth. I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush and I floss regularly so I consider my job is done. Moreover, years ago when I was having my Basel cell carcinoma removed from my lip through the Mohs technique, the cauterizing done to my lip to staunch the bleeding zapped my teeth and was excruciatingly painful, so since then my teeth are ultra sensitive to being poked, prodded or scraped.

Needless to say I wasn’t happy being sat down in the chair knowing that in the best case scenario I was guaranteed a cleaning and in the worst case scenario it would be a filling and a cleaning. Either way, a cleaning was being done and I wasn’t too happy about it. Imagine my joy when our friend the dentist announced after x-rays and prodding that I warranted a root canal. Horrors to Betsy, I have never had one and my imagination was all set to runaway with bad images and hysteria but deep breathing saved me. I closed my eyes, willfully engaged in deep breathing and started plotting this post.

It wasn’t a horrible experience, I have to go back and get a crown, for now I have a temporary filling. I promise you that I would have never thought that my final surprise was going to be a root canal. That is why I titled this post the crowning finale to the trip.