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Every Friday morning the girls and I do weight class together, it starts at 9:30 and ends at 10:45. It doesn’t sound like much but it does the trick for me. The weight class is part of the Council of Aging and my mother-in-law, a few years before she passed away, dragged me with her for a few sessions and before I knew it, I was asked to be the co-leader of the group with Sybie. So Sybie and I are the leaders of our osteoporosis weight class and we alternate leading every week.

Since I am the baby of the group, I make it my job to listen and soak up as much of the girls wisdom as possible. I’m the newest addition so while the girls take the opportunity to solve the world’s problems, I take notes and try to remember what I don’t want to be like when it is my turn to be old. I have to admit that I do hear a lot of how lazy the youth are today, how it is all the mother’s fault for not being there, the youth of today. I often wonder how in the world did they forget that their own parents probably had the same criticisms about their generation.

They are also republicans, not all of them, only the vocal ones, so when politics enters the airwaves, I keep my mouth shut. I like these women so very much and I don’t want to make our time together about political disagreements. I always try to steer the conversation towards food, who can resist speaking about food; good bread, different ways to make chicken, how to make a nice spinach gratin, what kind of filling to put in a puff pastry and I can go on. I end up making everyone hungry by the end of class.

We have off next Friday because it is the day after Thanksgiving, we did promise each other to take the time to go for a long walk after our Thanksgiving meal to get some exercise in on our special day of feasting.