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While I was watching my only soap opera, the soap opera is now an endangered species, so many have been eliminated, I had to check the time because if I wanted to take Jack for his final big walk in the park I had to make sure that it wasn’t past 4:30 because I don’t want to walk in the park after dark. It is just wrong that we now have so little daylight and it is going to be like this for a few months. I love the sun.

I do walk Jack again around 7:30 but it’s a short walk right around the Town Hall right in back of my house so it’s well lit and Jack and I can see where we are walking and we won’t be bothered by things that go bump in the night or in my imagination.

Another day at the office, I squeezed out 5,000 words out of my head and onto “paper”, hooray. It is a coming, slowly but slowly this book will be written. Way back when, during my college years I used to write all of my papers, and I did write a lot because my specialty at N.Y.U was international relations/political science, but I wrote my papers all by hand in draft form and after some serious editing, I would then type my final copy on my Smith-Corona. I didn’t get to writing on a computer until senior year at N.Y.U and even then despite having a computer I still wrote the rough copy in long hand. Now I can’t imagine writing this book in long hand, my hand would fall off. You might argue but with the advent of computers we now have carpal tunnel syndrome, I have such poor typing skills that my carpal tunnel is safe from any syndrome. I don’t mind my poor typing skills, I still get the job done.

Halfway done with the word count and it’s November 15th, I am now on schedule. The weekend is coming so I am about to get left behind, it’s okay. I know what needs to be done next week.