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Yesterday my hubby decided to work from home since Monday was a floating holiday. However, our baby girl had school and needed to be driven back to her campus so we decided to make an adventure out of the journey once we dropped her off in time for her first class.

My hubby had a meeting with a colleague located not too far from the baby girl’s school and he turned the meeting into a breakfast meeting at a lovely cafe, so while my hubby and his colleague were discussing work, I was busy eating two eggs over easy, sausage and rye toast with plenty of coffee.

Afterwards, after saying our goodbyes to the colleague, my hubby took me to a spectacular food speciality store located solely in the Boston area, Wegman’s. It was so well organized, well stocked, well laid and so pristine. Everything looked excitingly delicious. The produce section with its varieties of fresh mushrooms, the choices between broccoli, cauliflower and romanesco, a hybrid of broccoli and cauliflower, it is such a pretty vegetable and tastes exactly like a hybrid of the two. The meat section was outstanding, offering locally sourced cuts of meat and organic choices as well.

Cheese had its own showcase stocked with local cheeses from Vermont, Massachusetts and even Maine. We bought a tub of Fromage blanc made in Vermont for the kids to try, to see if we found something to tide them over until they could get back to France for the original petit suisses.

The adventure wasn’t over, a movie was in the works as we got closer to home. Since we had been out and about so early, the day was still young. That is how the idea of a movie came about and we had the same movie in mind, The Man with the Iron Fists.

It was great, I have always loved martial arts movies and this one was fantastic. It was presented by Quentin Tarantino and the director is a new one, the rapper RMZ, who did a bang up job. It was an homage to the old genre of martial arts movies and the choreography was exceptional. I grew up watching the old style movies featuring Bruce Lee and his contemporaries on Saturday afternoons on channel nine. The acting was great, the movie had Russell Crowe, Lucy Lui and other Asian actors that I knew by sight not by name.

If you enjoy martial arts movies, you will definitely enjoy this one. When we got back home, Jack got extra attention to make up for our absence and we settled down for a quiet night of t.v, Bones was on and then Castle, so it was a night of not to miss t.v.

Like I said, Monday’s can be fun.