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  • Write down the first sight, sound, smell, sensation and scene from your life that come to mind with just sixty seconds for each. See which of those you’d most like to continue to write about, and where it leads you.
  • Remembering
  • My face with my big brown eyes, brown freckles that run across my nose, my wild thick crazy wavy hair and full lips, a lot of untamed features inhabiting the space on my head. The smell of vegetable soup that wafts in the entryway of my Tont-ton’s house, that smell signifies home, hearth, love and family. I can still hear that woodpecker waking me up in the house from hell at 6:00 every morning like clockwork. I really detested that woodpecker, he was right outside my window, the babies slept right through it but I couldn’t for the life of me, the rat-a-tat-tat felt like hammer blows against the house he was so close. That darn woodpecker.

    The smell of the vegetable soup beckons me to the kitchen and there she is, Tantine, or at least her back, she turns around with a wet tomato in her hand and I walk quickly to her to kiss her hello, I can tell that she is so happy to see me. She turns back with her tomato, puts it aside and continues to rinse the others, all the while asking me how I am doing and how are the babies. Her hands are busy peeling the tomatoes and then the onions. She starts to slice both of them to make her tomato and onion salad, she sprinkles salt and pepper and pours red wine vinegar and peanut oil over the tomatoes and onions and pushes it off to the side to let it marinate for a bit before lunch. She then continues with the other preparations for the rest of our lunch.