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Yes I have a confession to make, I am slacking off with my NaNoWriMo daily word target. It is day 11 and I have a measly 8500 words written and it is almost day 12. It isn’t due to lack of story, it is due to spending my weekends with my hubby because that is the only time we have together. What I really need to do, is put in the extra writing during the week to make up for the two days of not writing. That is completely on me, not my hubby, I have to stop being lazy/procrastinating or whatever I am doing that is standing in my way of writing fluidly without an constraint.

Depending on my mood, I tell myself that I will eventually get into high gear and I will sit there at the computer and churn out my ending to this journey and novel. Then there are days that I tell myself that I needn’t stress myself over the 50,000 word count, it is a goal, the most important thing is to continue writing my book and it will write itself, stress not included.

So far Madeleine and Jack are so very head over heels in love, visiting Madeleine’s family in the countryside and buying souvenirs at the local market. All that remains is getting these two lovebirds on a boat to New York city. I can see myself in France forever with these two but then I would be writing their love story forever, the story needs to move and I don’t want to, France is so nice.

I have to commit to moving them off to New York, must book a cabin soon. Arghh, writing is hard, the describing and the typing, it’s so much work yet I love it so. Alright, enough complaining. I have made my confession, I will do better.