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This morning little Jack woke me up to tell me he needed to take care of his morning ablutions. Easy enough to take care of, open the door to the backyard and off he goes. During those minutes, I get the coffee started and like clockwork, I hear the little knock on the door, Jack is ready to come back in. He gets his little cookie and I serve myself my bowl of Great Grains cereal and off to the Internet world to see what is going on in the environment, Occupy Sandy Relief, an outgrowth of the Occupy Wall Street movement dedicated to getting blankets, food, medicine and other supplies to those devastated by the hurricane. I also read a variety of publications to see how the progressives are doing in the fight for less income inequality, tax reform, education and housing.

This reading takes a while, usually three mugs of coffee worth and then I move onto the Huffington Post and write my reactions to the political news of the day in the comment section which I cross post onto my political blog A Progressive’s Thoughts on WordPress. By this time Jack is ready for his late morning walk and my hubby was awake, a quick kiss and hug, and off Jack and I went to the park to do our first round of cardio for the day.

When we returned, we walked into a kitchen that smelled wonderful; the sweet smell of onions caramelizing along with green, red and yellow peppers; mixed in with that, was best smell in the world, pork. My hubby had sweet and hot sausage sautéing in the pan getting all nice and brown just waiting for the peppers and onions to be tossed in, it looked and smelled heavenly.

My blood sugar was running low at this point so this hit my nostrils and appetite like a ton of bricks. My hubby turned around and said “are you hungry?” I said “yes” and grabbed two plates filled them up with the goodies. I carried them into the living room where my wonderful hubby had a fire going. A perfect lunch with a roaring fire, my handsome hubby, who cooked for me, and watching our favorite shows together. A grand Sunday, I must say.