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A brief note about last night’s potluck dinner, it was lovely. Everyone brought something different so there was plenty to pick from; chicken Alfredo, rice pilaf and Swedish meatballs just to name a few. As usual, there were also a multitude of desserts and mine, the creme caramel, was a hit. I was very happy about that and now I have an easy addition to my dessert repertoire.

Last Saturday night was our turn to “fall back” with the clocks. In my opinion, this loss of an hour is the official start of winter. It is getting colder by the day and darker earlier; that taken together spells winter for me. Now Jack and I make sure to get our final walk done by four o’clock when we can still everything clear as day in the park. I scared myself once before at night in the park just the other night and I don’t want to do that again. There I said, I’m a scaredy cat.

Poor Jack, he isn’t a fan of winter either. He doesn’t like going out in the backyard by himself at night, I think that it is during those moments that Jack misses our Rex the most. When Rex was with him outside, no matter how dark it was Jack felt protected and safe with his big brother around. Rex has left a void in our lives and we are still dealing with it. I know that it will take time and I don’t mind the grieving process because it keeps Rex fresh in my heart and I often find a smile on my face when I think of something that he would do or his handsome face.