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Tonight is the annual potluck dinner for the directors of the Blandford Historical Society. As usual I agonized over what to make this year, flip flopping over this recipe and that, driving my hubby crazy. I wanted to make something hot and soothing, but I don’t have the necessary utensils to keep whatever I made hot and the Historical Society kitchen is poorly equipped on that front as well. The other directors bring their own Bunson burners, aluminum pans and crock pots. I used to have a crock pot, I accidentally broke it by not using it properly. I thought that you could use the insert to saute with, you normally can if you have the right brand name. Apparently, I didn’t.

So since it is too cold for cold appetizers and main dishes, I decided to make a dessert. I don’t remember how I settled on the choice of creme caramel but that is what I decided to make. I have never tried making it before. Why do I pick things that are untried and untested you ask? Because I am nuts.

I looked at ten recipes, narrowed it down to two and after comparing the two closely, took a step from one and substituted it with a step from the other one and came up with the creme caramel. I don’t know how it tastes, I haven’t even un-molded it yet. It is still in the refrigerator in its corning ware dish looking really good. It feels right to the touch, firm yet jiggly. It smelled really delicious coming out of the oven last night, a sweet amber smell of cooked sugar, baked cream and a hint of vanilla.

I hope that everyone likes it, what is there not to like. Theoretically it has to be good, I used all the right ingredients in the right proportions and the ingredients themselves when put in almost any combination together always turn out good. Eggs, cream, sugar, whole milk and vanilla.

We shall see later tonight if it is a hit at the Historical Society.